Tung Tree Bloom

Please read this entire post to see what you can do to keep FB working somewhat as it did when we first joined!! Also, be certain to read our “Alternate / BEST Solution” note at the bottom of this page.

Is Facebook free? NO! Keep Facebook Free – Share our articles!

Most people assume that the popular social network, Facebook, is free to all users. There are frequent posts about how Facebook is planning to start charging users. Although those posts are false (at least for now), they are always accompanied by outcries from users claiming that they would stop using Facebook before they would PAY to use it.

I believe that the constant bombardment of advertisements is sufficient to pay for the operation of the site. However, in order to pay the OUTRAGEOUS amounts given to its founder, Mark Zuckerberg – and others, they are now GOUGING simple users, like myself. (According to an article on the LA Times, Zuckerberg has received over $5.6 BILLION over the past two years!!)

Users are led to believe that if they post something, it is shown to all their friends. NOT SO!! Facebook only shows our Daily Bloom photos to a FRACTION of our friends! If I am to use the system to show our flowers to the rest of our followers (“people who like your page…”), I will have to pay!! (See “audience” label in the photo below.)

Keep Facebook Free - Share Articles

Keep Facebook Free – Share our articles.

gave them $30 last week (to advertise for a few minutes a day on three days) but now, they want even more. They showed a little advertisement until an additional 45 users “Liked” our page and then turned it off. But, there is no value in “Likes” if they do not show my posts to those people!! 

One really pretty photo (and associated article) was our “George Tabor Anniversary Present” post. Of the 102 people who have “liked” our page, only five (5) users saw the post! And that number includes my wife and me!! Why didn’t the others see the post? Previously, they did but now, FB does NOT display every page post to every person who has liked the page.

According to Facebook, “Post Engagement” (such as the number of likes, comments, and shares that a page or post receives) determines how frequently a post is displayed. The more engagement, the more Facebook shows a post. Or, more accurately, the more engagement, the LESS it DENIES our users the right to see our posts!

Tung Tree Bloom

Tung Tree Bloom

Tung Tree Bloom

The “Tung Tree Bloom” photo above is entirely for you! I post the photos of our blooms ONLY for your enjoyment. I get no pay (actually it costs me a lot of time and effort – and some money) but I want to share God’s natural beauty.

The only alternative to giving FB money to “boost” my posts (and return to “kind of” the way FB used to work), is for our friends to SHARE the posts and engage more with them. In the image below, you can see that, of our 102 friends, only 5 saw the azalea postThe article with the star beside it (“Since FB…”) received 455 views BECAUSE – A FEW OF OUR USERS SHARED the article on their timeline!

Keep Facebook Free - Share our articles!

Of 102 friends, only 5 saw the azalea post.
The article with the star beside it received 455 views BECAUSE – YOU SHARED it on your timeline!

Will you help us and SHARE our Daily Bloom posts? Otherwise, Facebook requires us to PAY to “boost” our posts EVEN to the friends who “Liked” our page.

Just look for the “Share This” link at the bottom of each page and click on the Facebook (or other site) link. You can then add your comments and post the link to YOUR Facebook timeline.

Alternate / BEST Solution

NOTE: Viewing our photos/articles here on the website is the BEST SOLUTION! Not only do you get to see EVERY article, you will also get to see MANY MORE photos than the few that are posted on FB. Use the “Subscribe via Email” link (at the bottom of the page) to assure that you are notified about every post – even if you never view another FB post at all!

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