White & Pink Camellia Japonicas

Here is a photo of our Pink Camellia (Japonica?)

This one is a double rose form (overlapping petals showing stamens in a concave center when open).

Pink Camellia on Dec 23

Pink Camellia on Dec 23

The Camellia Japonica bloom will only last a few days. In the photos below, I captured the same bloom from bud (on Dec 21) to mature (on Dec 25). Mouse over each photo to see the caption with the date. The bloom of these Japonicas will fall off of the stem soon after it matures (about 4-5 days after opening).

Here is a gallery of photos of our Pink Camellia from Bud to Mature:

It is a little early for traditional Camellias (Camellia Japonica) since they generally do not bloom until late winter or early spring. But our weather has been a mixture of hot and cold recently and perhaps the plants “think” that it is springtime! On the other hand, our Camellia Sasanqua bushes have been blooming profusely for several weeks now (Sasanquas bloom in late fall).

At the end of our walkway (leading to the arch), we have two Camellias. I am pretty certain that they are C. Japonica since their blooms die on the bush. (Camellia Sasanqua blooms fall a petal at a time and leave a lovely bed of petals on the ground.) I am not certain of the exact cultivar, they may be a mix of Japonica and Sasanqua. We have a pink Camellia on the right side of the walk and a white on the left.

Here is a photo of the White Camellia:

White Camellia Japonica on Dec 23

White Camellia Japonica on Dec 23

Here is a gallery of photos of the White Camellia

Showing the life from Bud to Mature:



If you would like to know more about Camellias, the Wikipedia page has a very nice description of the plant. They also include some history and uses of the plant. Examples: In Asian countries they make tea from the leaves. They press the seeds and extract the oil which they use in cooking. They even use the oil from the plant for hair care!

You might also like to visit the International Camellia Society webpage. Their site offers more photos and articles about Camellias.

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