Name That Bud #11

This will be our last week in the series, “Name That Bud” but we will have more blooms to show you in December. Is this fun yet? 🙂

Here is the “Name That Bud” #11.

Name That Bud #11

Name That Bud #11

Can you Name That Bud:

I admit that this is a difficult one. So, I will drop a hint. The blooms are small and often have three colors.

I will post the name of the plant (here) later today (after a break)…

If you guessed PANSY then you were correct! Here is the rest of the photo:


Pansy Bud

And, here is a picture of the front of the plant:

Pansy Bloom

Pansy Bloom


(vye-OH-luh wit-rock-kee-AY-nuh)

See our previous article on the Pansy to see more pictures of our pansies & violas.

For information about growing Pansies, their history, and other general info, visit the Texas A&M website.

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