Name That Bud #10

Well, I found another bud that I can present for your approval. Unfortunately, the bud is slightly out of focus but it is still recognizable.

Can you Name That Bud:

Name That Bud #10

Name That Bud #10

I hope you were able to recognize this bud. The color almost gives it away.

The answer after the break….

This bud is on our “Glory Bush” and it opened into a beautiful bloom:

Dwarf Glory Bush

Dwarf Glory Bush Close-up



(tib-OO-kee-nuh lep-PID-oh-tuh)

Also known as Lasiandra, Princess Flower, Dwarf Tibouchina, Brazilian Spider Flower.

Here are some more photos:

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Louis, the plant geek, has a complete summary of care and maintenance for various Tibouchina plants – including the Glory Bush. Visit his website here.

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