George Tabor Azalea Anniversary Present

Our George Tabor Azalea plants gave us a beautiful anniversary present this year! All of our azaleas were beautiful but the soft pink blooms of the George Tabor made it an the absolute favorite.

Our winters in South Louisiana are normally not as long or cold as most other states but this year was especially cold. Sometimes our temps were lower than many northern cities. So when our azaleas started blooming in mid-March, we were very excited! By the first of April, our front porch bed was almost glowing with the beautiful pink blooms of our George Tabor Azalea.

George Tabor Azalea

George Tabor Azalea

George Tabor Azalea close up

This is what our front porch looked like around our anniversary…


Here are some more photos of our George Tabors taken in the last week of march:

20140330_083716.jpg 20140330_162219.jpg 20140330_162428.jpg 20140331_095027.jpg

Plus these photos from the first couple of weeks of April (our azaleas blooms were pretty well gone by “tax day.”

20140401_071330.jpg 20140401_071354.jpg 20140403_091247.jpg 20140404_081327.jpg 20140404_081346.jpg 20140404_081840.jpg 20140405_095158.jpg 20140406_102114.jpg 20140408_130654.jpg 20140414_075736.jpg 20140414_080424.jpg

Unfortunately, all good things eventually come to an end. It is the same with azaleas – this photo shows what happens when their blooms expire after a couple of weeks of absolute beauty:


For a guide to growing azaleas, visit the Azalea Society website

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