Long Stem Roses Blooming Today!

I am trying to catch up with the (hundreds) of photos that I have taken over the past couple of months. There are pictures of some gorgeous blooms that I want to show you.

HOWEVER, the Long Stem Roses Blooming Today are SO beautiful that I just had to show them to you. I will post more about about the growing habits, etc. in a later article. In the mean time, visit the WikiHow page to learn more.

Long Stem Roses Blooming Today

This Red Rose bud is a beautiful example:

Long Stem Roses Blooming Today

I got so excited about this beautiful rose that I forgot to check the background – sorry about the water hose 🙂

UPDATE: Here is a picture of the same rose on the same day, a few hours later. (In the afternoon.

Long Stem Roses blooming today

Beautiful red rose that was just a bud this morning!

Here are several others (all photos taken today):

20140415_100514.jpg 20140415_100608.jpg 20140415_100637.jpg 20140416_084534.jpg 20140416_084509.jpg 20140416_085258.jpg 20140416_085314.jpg

And, a very special gift to those of you who visit the website. These photos will NOT be displayed on social media.


Yellow Iris:


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