Japanese Magnolia February, Tulip Tree

In Southeast Louisiana (and in many other areas of the south), the first tree to bloom in early spring is usually the Japanese Magnolia. The scientific name is Magnolia X Soulangiana or Magnolia Liliiflora. It is also known as Saucer Magnolia, Tulip Tree, Mulan magnolia, Purple magnolia, Red magnolia, Lily magnolia, Tulip magnolia, Jane magnolia,. and Woody-orchid.

For Japanese Magnolia February is the start of blooming. This article shows only the photographs from the month of February. Later articles will feature the development of the blooms through the months of March and April.

The blooms appear before the first leaves so the entire tree seems to explode with a lavender or purple color.

Japanese Magnolia February

Japanese Magnolia from February

Japanese Magnolia from February

And a couple others from February:

See our previous post featuring the Japanese Magnolia here. In that post, I show some photos of the tree blooming in September of 2013.


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