Winter Bloomers

I am sorry that I have not posted much lately. I have been preoccupied with some personal issues. I am now trying to post photographs of the (multitude of) blooms from the past few months. Please bear with me. I may be posting several articles in a day and most will include a number photographs for each plant.

Winter Bloomers

We had a few plants that bloomed throughout the winter. 

Outdoors, our Pansies (VIOLA X WITTROCKIANA) never stopped blooming.

Pansy Blotch White Colossus

fPansy Blotch White Colossus taken 10/29/13

Here is a photo of them in February:

winter bloomers

Our Pansies were still in bloom on 02/19/14

If you wish to learn more about growing Pansies, visit our page at or the Texas A&M website.

We also had several Dianthus plants (DIANTHUS PLUMARIUS) that bloomed throughout the winter. This is what they looked like in September:

winter bloomers

Feathered Pink Dianthus from 09/07/13

They look a little better now (04/12/14):

winter bloomers

Dianthus on 04/12/14

We also have some mounding Dianthus that I will post about later. They are blooming now and are really pretty.

If you would like to know more about Dianthus plants, visit our page or, for more information, visit The Tree Farm here.

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