Sasanqua Blooms at our Entrance

I hope everyone enjoyed our little game of “Name that Bud”? Well, this is a new month and a new series:


In December, our Camellia Sasanqua blooms are beautiful!

We have several (at least 6 or 7) Sasanqua bushes around our home. One is actually a tree reaching about 12 feet tall. We also have a pink and a red Sasanqua bush on either side of our sidewalk. Here is a photo that shows how that looks:

Sasanqua blooms on our sidewalk

Sasanqua blooms on our sidewalk

Here is a gallery of the blooms from a bit closer:

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We have published several other articles about these beautiful plants. See the list here.

For more information about the Camellia Sasanqua, visit the Southern Living page here.

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