Name That Bud #16 (last one)

This will be our last in the series “Name That Bud.” We may run a different series next spring if we have time.

Name That Bud

Name That Bud #16

I doubt that most flower-lovers will have any difficulty in identifying this bud. It is grown as an annual in most areas of the USA but in tropical climates, it is perennial. We have several plants. This plant produces pink blooms while others produce red, white, or yellow blooms.

I will post the name of the plant (here) later today (after a break)…

OK, everyone got this one right! Marie Totora, Judith Warren-Wright, Sally Willie, and Joyce Kelley, all recognized that this is a Pink Hibiscus bud. Congratulations to all!!

Pink Hibiscus

Hibiscus moscheutos

Pink Hibiscus

Pink Hibiscus

And, here is a link to our previous article on the Pink Hibiscus.

For growing instructions on the Hibiscus plant, visit the Missouri Botanical Garden site.

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