Name That Bud #14

Name That Bud #14

Name That Bud #14

Name That Bud #14

This plant has a wonderful fragrance – almost like vanilla. Hint: this bud is one of many buds that erupt from the sides of a single large bud (about 2-3 inches across) and form beautiful, white, fragrant blooms. Do you recognize it now?

I will post the name of the plant (here) later today (after a break)…

We have a Thanksgiving Winner….. Judie McIntyre!

The bud is one of our…… (wait for it…..) ……



Butterfly Ginger

Butterfly Ginger bud & bloom

These flowers give off a definite “vanilla” scent and it is wonderful. They are beautiful and smell really nice. The only bad part of this plant is that it is difficult to deadhead and the expired blooms look really bad.

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For more information about the Butterfly Ginger & how to grow the plant, visit the Green Culture Singapore website.

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