Name That Bud #9

This is the 9th (and possibly, the last) picture in our “Name That Bud” series.

It is a really pretty bud – but WHAT IS IT?

Name That Bloom #9

Name That Bloom #9
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Here is the REAL answer…

This bud is our Zinnia Elegans.

Z. elegans x Z. angustifolia

Here is a photo of the mature flower:

Zinnia Elegans

Zinnia Elegans bud & bloom

Here are some more photos of our recent Zinnia elegans:

For even more photos and information, visit our original article here.

For more information about zinnias, visit the Missouri Botanical Garden website. Here is a sample taken from that site:


Zinnia elegans is susceptible to powdery mildew, leaf spots, root rots and blights. Plants of Z. angustifolia generally have better disease resistance than those of Z. elegans. Watch for whiteflies, aphids, thrips, Japanese beetles and caterpillars.

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