Name That Bud #7

CONTEST! (contest is closed)

You can win $10. Just comment with a guess of what plant this is and then SHARE this post on your timeline (Facebook or G+).

That’s it – next Wednesday (Nov 27) I will draw a name from the list of participants and contact the winner. Payment will be made by PayPal. Winner must be in the USA.

Note: The winner will be selected by drawing from the list of ALL participants. Your answer does NOT have to be correct in order to win!

Hint: This bud looks strikingly similar to the bloom it becomes.

Do you recognize this bud?

Name That Bud #7

Name That Bud #7
It looks a lot like the bloom

Do you recognize this bud? What will the flower look like? The bud and the bloom actually look very similar. Leave a comment with your answer. I will post the correct name at the end of the contest, next Wednesday.

Name That Bud #7


I apologize!!! I FORGOT to announce the winner of our contest (and the answer to this “Name That Bud.”

So, without further ado… (drum roll, please!)

The winner is:

Daisy Thompson!

Daisy posted her guess (WRONG! :0) & shared the post – which qualified her entry. (See how easy it was ? YOU could have won!) And, since no one else satisfied the minimum requirements, her’s was the only entry and wins by default. 🙂

Now, what plant is it? Well, this was a really hard one unless you have grown the plant and spent a good bit of time watching it. When I told my wife Viv (who planted and raised the plant) the answer, she argued that I had made a mistake! But I checked and double-checked to assure that it was right. And, of course, I WAS right! 😛

Now, where was I? Oh, yes, I was going to tell you what the bud really is….

Sulfur Cosmos

Here is a picture of the mature bloom where you can see the “globe” after it has matured.

We have more pictures in our previous article on this plant which can be found here.

Sulfur Cosmos (Yellow Cosmos)

Sulfur Cosmos (Yellow Cosmos)


The Floridata website has more information about the plant

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