Name That Bud #4

Name That Bloom #4

Name That Bloom #4
Do you recognize it?
Leave a comment with your answer.

Name That Bud

Do you know? Or, can you guess what plant this is?

Leave a comment (either on the website or on Facebook/G+) with your answer. I will post the correct answer after the break.

We had a “kind of” winner today. Thank: Marie Elaine Keller Totora who named the plant as Camellia Japonica. The bud is a Camellia but it is not Japonica. It is Sasanqua.

The major difference between Camellia Sasanqua and Camellia Japonica is that Japonica blooms in the spring and Sasanqua blooms in the fall. Also, Sasanqua drops blooms one petal at a time while Japonica drops an entire bloom. We see that now when we walk near one of our (several) Sasanqua plants – the ground is littered with pink or red petals. (Here is a link to a discussion of the difference.)

We previously posted a close-up article (here) and a regular article (here).

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