Name That Bud #3

Name That Bud #3

Name That Bud #3
Do you know what this is?
Leave a comment below.

Name That Bud

Do you know? Or, can you guess what plant this is?

Leave a comment (either on the website or on Facebook) with your answer. I will post the correct answer after the break.

As I posted on the Facebook announcement, this was an easy one. We do have a “winner” but I think that she might have had a little bit of advantage… She works at Hebert’s Nursery in Thibodaux!

Congratulations to Yvette Rome for naming the DAHLIA bud! If you look closely, you can almost see the petals as they are about to unfold.

If you cannot see it, here is a picture of what the bloom looks like when it is open..

Orange Dahlia

Orange Dahlia

Our original article about this beauty includes many more pictures… Click here.

The American Dahlia Society has a page “Fundamentals of Growing Dahlias” that is a great resource for help.


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