Groundsel (Baccharis Hamimifolia)

Baccharis Hamimifolia

Wildflower, Groundsel

Common Names: silverling, sea myrtle, salt bush, buckbrush, consumption weed, or eastern groundsel.

This wildflower is now blooming all around here. From a distance, it appears as a silver-white bush. Up close the fluffy flowers are the source of the color.

Groundsel (Baccharis halimifolia)

Groundsel (Baccharis halimifolia)

Here is a gallery of photos of the Groundsel by the side of the road near my home.

The Wikipedia has a nice description of this plant…

These fall-floweringBaccharis plants are dioecious, with male and femaleflowers on separate individuals. Their flowers are borne in numerous small, compact heads in large leafy terminal inflorescences, with the snowy-white, cotton-like female flower-heads showy and conspicuous at a distance.

The website states that, although the groundsel may be toxic to livestock, it “is used as a palliative and demulcent in consumption and cough.”

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