White Mum (Chrysanthemum)

Common Hardy Fall Chrysanthemum

White Mum (decorative form)

(Dendranthema morifolium)

white mumI previously featured our White Mum plants (here). However, these close-up photos add a new dimension to that article. At this time of year, other plants are preparing to go dormant for the winter (or,  die at frost). But the mum is just getting into its blooming season.

This creamy white (decorative form) bloom is a late season extender. It blooms in October and November. It is called the decorative form because the petals cover the entire bloom and the center is not visible. (Our yellow mums [here] are daisy-like in form.)

Here are some more photos of the white mums:

Mums are sometimes used to make tea or to flavor other foods. They have also been used medicinally (see the Wikipedia article here.)

The BackYardGardener website has a nice article explaining how to grow and propagate the common mum. Here is a sample of the article:

….the first plants were introduced to Europe in the 8th century. Their attraction lies in four main characteristics; flowers may be obtained in various forms and sizes, in virtually every color other than blue; plants grow successfully over a wide area of the country, and are highly adaptable to soil, climate and treatment; by choosing suitable varieties, flowering can begin in the open garden in August and September, followed by the late-flowering types under glass from October to February.

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