Lantana Bloom (close up)

Lantana Bloom

Our Lantana plants are either upright (Lantana camara), which grows to 4-6 feet tall – or trailing (Lantana montevidensis), which grows close to the ground (about 12 inches tall). They produce flowers from spring to frost and, in South Louisiana, are hardy throughout the winter to come back again in the spring.

Each “bloom” consists of a 2″ disk with many small 4-petaled flowers.  The disk may have multiple colors. Some of the blooms change color as they mature. The combination of red, orange and yellow flowers are very pretty.

Lantana BloomGallery of Lantana Blooms:

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Our previous article on the Lantana (here) includes some additional information and photographs of the plants in our gardens.

From the Clemson University website, “Lantana is valued for its long season of reliable bloom. Many cultivars display multiple colors within each two inch wide disc shaped flower head. The flowers attract butterflies and hummingbirds.” Visit the site for technical information and instructions on how to grow Lantana.

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