Sasanqua Close-Up (Yuletide Camellia)

Camellia sasanqua ‘Yuletide’

Sasanqua Close-up

“Close-up Week”

The Sasanqua is a type of camellia and “Yuletide” is the particular cultivar of Sasanqua. It is sometimes called the Christmas (or Yuletide) Camellia because of its red color and because it blooms before Christmas. We have several versions of Camellia and several Sasanquas. One Sasanqua has grown to the size of a tree (about 12 feet tall with trunks nearly 4″ in diameter). This one (about 7 ft tall) is growing at the entrance to our front sidewalk.

I wanted to capture this particular Sasanqua close-up to display the beautiful stamens on it. All the blooms on the bush are likewise very pretty.

Sasanqua Close-up

Sasanqua Close-up

Our standard article can be found her.

For more about growing this plant, visit the Montrovia website.


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