Pansy Blotch White Colossus

Viola x Wittrockiana

(vye-OH-luh wit-rock-kee-AY-nuh)

Common Names include Pansy, Violet, or Viola. In some areas, it is known as the “football flower” because of the Milwaukee football decorations using Pansies.

Pansies are derived from the the wild tricolor viola. Most have the same scientific name and most people use the common names Pansy and Violet interchangeably. They are beautiful little plants that generally have a “face” in the center of a flat bloom. They are often planted in window boxes or pots that bring the small plants into view. They are cool-loving plants that are typically planted in the early spring, or they may be planted in the fall for winter blooms. They don’t do well in the summer heat of South Louisiana where we live so we generally plant them twice a year.

We have several beautiful Pansies in bloom now. The first is almost all white with purple blotches that form the “face” on the bloom. It is a “Colossus” Pansy – the bloom is almost 3″ across.

Pansy ‘White with Blotch’

Pansy Blotch White Colossus

True Blue Pansy

We also have some blue Pansies with delicate, almost transparent blooms. The common name is “True Blue” and it does NOT have the common “face” but does have a slightly darkened area in the throat and sports a small yellow center. pansies1028_071812


Finally, we have some Violas (smaller than the “Colossus” Pansies) in our window box. Their blooms are only about an inch across but very pretty with the tricolor face. They look a bit like “Mickey Mouse” don’t they?Pansy Viola

Here is a gallery of photos of our current Pansy / Viola flowers.

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More Information

If you would like more information about the Pansy Blotch White Colossus, visit the Parks Brothers Farm. Visit the Ball website for more about the True Blue Pansy.

For information about growing Pansies, their history, and other general info, visit the Texas A&M website.

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