Spider Flower

Cleome hassleriana

Common Names: Spider Flower, Rocky Mountain Beeplant, Stinking Clover, Pink Queen, Cleome.

The Spider Flower blooms from late spring to frost. Our plants are still producing new stalks and new blooms. Here is a photo of the newest bloom:

Spider Flower

Spider Flower

The blooms are variously pink, purple, lavender, or some shade of those. They are very pretty rising up on the top of the stalk sometimes over six feet tall. They are easy to grow and self-seed (e.g. multiply quickly). Here in zone 8, they volunteer each year in the spring. We especially like them because, on top of their beauty, they attract birds, hummingbirds and butterflies.

Spider Flower Gallery

More information at the Missouri Botanical Gardens website. Here is a sample:

Native to South America, spider flower is a fast-growing annual that typically rises to 3-6’ tall on rigid stems. Dense elongated terminal racemes of pink, purple or white spider-like flowers with protruding stamens bloom from summer to frost. Flowers are sweetly fragrant. Flowers are followed by thin seed pods that ripen to brown before splitting open and dispersing the seed within.

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