Dwarf Glory Bush (Lasiandra)

Tibouchina lepidota 

(tib-OO-kee-nuh lep-PID-oh-tuh)

Also known as Lasiandra, Princess Flower, Dwarf Tibouchina, Brazilian Spider Flower.

Dwarf Glory Bush (Lasiandra)

Dwarf Glory Bush

Dwarf Glory Bush Close-up

Glory Bush, Princess Flower, Lasiandra

The most significant element of all Tibouchina plants is the strange shape of the stamens. Each stamen extends out and then develops a scimitar-like structure that is used as a “landing pad” for insects that collect the pollen on their feet.

Here is a gallery of photos of this beautiful plant with close ups of the stamens. (Click on a photo to enlarge it and start the slide show.)

This plant is hardy in zones 9b-10. In cooler climates, it must be protected from frost. If protected, it may survive in zone 8 but will likely die back and recover in the spring. In frost-free areas, it can bloom year round. Otherwise, the blooms are from summer through fall. If grown indoors Tibouchina’s may need periodic misting for best performance.

Our Dwarf Glory Bush is about three feet tall and approximately the same diameter. That is about right for a mature plant. It bloomed a bit in the spring but the plant is probably overwhelmed by larger, near-by plants.

Glory Bush (mature bloom)

Glory Bush (mature bloom)

Louis, the plant geek, has a complete summary of care and maintenance for various Tibouchina plants. Visit his website here.

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