12 Blooms on Orchid Cactus (Night Blooming Cereus?)

Orchid Cactus

Also called the Night Blooming Cactus (Night Blooming Cereus)

This is a night blooming cactus. It is sometimes incorrectly called a night blooming cereus. Visit the DesertUSA site for more information about the actual cereus plant.

Update 10/20/13:

Here is a photo showing 12 Blooms on our Night-Blooming Cactus ! There are 5 fresh blooms that opened last night plus 7 more that are wilted (bloomed in the last week).

12 blooms on a single night blooming cactus!

12 blooms on a single night blooming cactus!

Here is a link to the previous article on the Night Blooming Cactus.

Who said that these things only bloom once, one bloom, and wilt before day break (this shot was taken around 7:30 this am)? This one picture defies all those things!

Visit the Wikipedia for more information about this plant.

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