Blue Mistflower (Blue Boneset)

Blue Mistflower

Conoclinium coelestinum or Eupatorium coelestinum

Also known as Wild ageratum, Hardy ageratum Blue boneset, Mistflower

Another in the “Wildflower Week” series.

The blue mistflower grows wild in this area (and in most of the eastern two-thirds of the US). Its blue flowers contrast well with the bright yellow blooms of the Brown Eyed Susan plants growing in the same location. The fuzzy appearance is due to the multitude of stamens on each bloom (thanks US Wildflower).

These flowers are all from walking distance of our home:

Blue Mistflower

Blue Mistflower

And here are some more photos also taken nearby:

For more information, visit the Missouri Botanical Garden website. Here is a sample of their article:

Mist flower is a native Missouri herbaceous perennial with a somewhat weedy appearance that typically grows 2-3′ tall and most often occurs in wet woods and in moist soils along streams, ponds, sloughs or other bodies of water. Tiny, fluffy, bluish-purple flowers appear in compact corymbs or clusters (up to 70 flowers per cluster) over a long bloom period of mid-summer to frost. Sometimes commonly called hardy ageratum because the flowers resemble those of annual ageratum. Toothed, dark green leaves (to 4″ long). A vigorous plant that spreads by rhizomes and can be aggressive in ideal growing conditions. Very attractive to butterflies.

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