4 Blooms on Night Blooming Cactus

ORCHID CACTUS (Night Blooming Cactus)


I have previously posted about this plant. Ours had a beautiful bloom on the 4th of this month (see the article here). In that article, I posted a series of sequenced photos of the blooming process. That was pretty neat.

Then a couple days ago (on the 16th), it bloomed again (just two weeks since the last bloom). Here are a couple photos of that bloom. It also had several buds on the plant.

Well, last night (18th) it bloomed again.

This time it had four blooms at the same time! Although they are wilted now (at 10:30) at 8:30, they were still open.

Just look at these beauties!

Orchid Cactus at 10pm

Four Blooms on Orchid Cactus at 10:45pm

And the amazing part?

If you look closely at the photos below, there are SEVEN MORE buds that will probably bloom in the next couple of days (nights actually). Contact me if you would like to visit on the night that they bloom.

UPDATE: On the night of the 18th/19th, there were four MORE blooms. Now, tonight (19th/20th), there will be three more. A total of 12 blooms over 4 nights!!!!

Here is a slide show:

It was difficult to get all four blooms in the same photo since one of them was on the back.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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