Wild Pampas Grass

Wild Pampas Grass

Cortaderia selloana

Another in the “Wildflower Week” series.

Pampas Grass can grow up to 12′ tall. These plants are growing on the roadside about a mile from our home. They are between 8′ and 10′ tall.

Wild Pampas Grass

Wild Pampas Grass

Pampas Grass is native to southern South America and was introduced into the U.S. as an ornamental grass. It has now spread widely, due to the fact that a single plant can produce up to 1,000,000 seeds in its lifetime and some of those seeds can travel as much as 20 miles.

Here is a photo that shows the multitude of seeds in the mature flower:

Wild Pampas Grass seed head

Wild Pampas Grass Seed Head

From the Wikipedia,

Pampas grass is highly adaptable and can grow in a wide range of environments and climates. It also seeds prolifically, with each plant able to produce over one million seeds during its lifetime. As such, in some areas (for example California, Hawaii or Green Spain) it is regarded as an invasive weed, whilst in New Zealand and South Africa the plant is banned from sale and propagation for the same reasons.

Pampas Grass is now classified as an invasive species in Texas, California, and many other locations.

Still, they provide an interesting and pretty bloom. Here are some more pictures. Notice the purple/pink coloring of the bloom…

For more information, visit the North Carolina State University website.

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