Redstar (Red Morning Glory)


Ipomoea coccinea L. or Ipomoea hederifolia

Another flower in the “Wildflower Week” series.

Also known as Scarlet Morning Glory, Scarlet Creeper, Star Ipomoea, Trompillo and Red Morning Glory.

This is a morning glory but it is a bit different from the normal morning glory bloom with the deep throat and the shiny color of the bloom. It is quite pretty and this one is growing in the wild near our house.

Redstar Morning Glory

Redstar Morning Glory

Here is a description of the Redstar / Red Morning Glory from the Floridata website,

Red morning glory is a spirited, fast growing, twining, twisting, climbing vine that can make a nuisance of itself under certain conditions. Where it is wanted, it is a beautiful flowering vine that is a spot on butterfly magnet. The alternate leaves are heart shaped at the base, and usually three-lobed.

For more info, visit the USDA Plant Database.

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