Cassia (Candle Bush)


Cassia alata (Senna alata)

Also known as Candle Bush (because of the appearance of the blooms). Other names include: Candelabra Bush, Empress Candle Plant, Ringworm Tree, and candletree.

The Cassia has some unique characteristics. The Grower Jim Website offers some information such as the following:

Cassia alata is a great old standby for late summer and fall blooms.  The plants grow quickly and can live for several years.  The yellow flower spikes that form on the tip of each branch are where the plant gets the name Candle Bush.  Flowers start opening at the bottom and work their way up.  The spike elongates as the bloom period progresses.  Flower spikes typically will be 6-12 inches in height.


The Wikipedia says that it is used medicinally in many countries. The bush is related to cinnamon and the bark of the cassia is sometimes used as a less desirable form of cinnamon (The Free Dictionary).

This is one of the prettiest photos that I have taken of the plant. It is a close up of the bloom.

Cassia - Close up

Cassia – Close up

Here are the other photos:

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