Climbing Hempweed (Hempvine)

Climbing hempweed, Climbing hempvine

Mikania scandens (L.) Wild.

Asteraceae (Aster Family)

Hempweed is also known as Mikania angulosaMikania batatifoliaMikania scandens var.pubescensWilloughbya heterophylla. (Data from the website.)

Climbing hempweed grows wild in this area. It is on the roadsides in many wooded areas and in some yards. This one is volunteered to grown and bloom in our yard. In other locations, its flowers literally cover a small tree. The plants have been blooming for some time in this area and should continue to bloom until frost.

Climbing Hempweed

Climbing Hempweed

NOTE: The long thin blue-green leaves are not from this plant. The are the leaves of the Mexican Petunia upon which the hempvine is supported.

More info at the Go Botany website. Here is a quote from that site:

Climbing hempvine inhabits riparian and lakeside forests and thickets in eastern North America. In the northern part of New England it is confined to the coastal plain. The Seminole Indians used this plant to treat skin conditions resulting in itching.

The website offers additional information:

This species forms a sizable growth over other plants in moist woods and thickets. Its flower resembles that of Boneset (Eupatorium perfoliatum). Two similar Hemp Vines (M. batatifolia; M. cordifolia) are found in Florida.

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