Snowball Azalea

Snowball Azalea

Azalea x ‘Hardy Gardenia’

Bloom ‘N Again® Azaleas


Snowball Azalea - Blooms spring and fall

Snowball Azalea – Blooms spring and fall

The Gardener’s Confidence website has a lot of good information about the snowball azalea. It is a spring- AND fall- blooming azalea. Not only does the Gardener’s site have growing information, they also have some history of this cultivar. Here is a sample:

The Bloom ‘N Again® Azaleas were developed by Mr. James Harris, a backyard breeder and hobbyist, with a keen eye for unique and unusual characteristics. These azaleas have been carefully selected for their repeat blooming habits and cold hardiness. The broad range of brilliant colors, flower shape and form make them desirable for any garden.

Here are a couple more photos of this plant:

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